About Us

AustroDrones develops and produces high-performance drones for every purpose. The company offers flight services and sells the drones. Therefor the company develops drones weighing up to 25 kg. The aircrafts are single failure resistant, which is necessary to fulfill demanding Austrian aviation laws. With these flying platforms every payload can be lifted. In case there does not excist an adapter on the market, it is produced in-house. The company has experience in pulling the first rope for cable ways, the development of special drones, photogrammetry, inspection, montage jobs, cinema movies, advertisement movies and photography.

“AustroDrones” is a brand of “Buxbaum Unternehmensberatung GmbH”, a since 2007 existing engineering firm and management consultancy (www.buxbaum.cc).
Company founder Martin Buxbaum (Master of Science), born 1966, has well founded knowledge of and experience in machine engineering. He started his career in aeromodelling 30 years ago with gliders in the thermal of the Alps. Since 2013 he dedicates his attention exclusively to the UAVs of AustroDrones.


Dipl.-Ing. Martin Buxbaum

Manager, Pilot


The manager Martin Buxbaum (Master of Science) is with his experience in machine engineering and aeromodelling the pilot of the drones. Lukas Buxbaum is electronical developer and pilot. Bernhard Buxbaum works in marketing.

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Buxbaum

Manager, Pilot

Lukas Buxbaum

Electronical Development, Pilot, Student in Electrical Engineering

Bernhard Buxbaum

Marketing, Sales, Student in Process Engineering