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Up to 60 A discharge current are possible.
The mounted payload is 2.4 m wide and 10 kg heavy.
Pulling the first rope for cable cars for timber transport
The maximum take off weight is 6 kg.
AustroDrones celebrates a jubilee
Repeated operations abroad in La Paz (4.000 m N.N.) and Bogotá
On several building sites in Vietnam the first rope is pulled from pillar to pillar.
The new 25 kg hexacopter is the largest drone in the assortment.
Third version of the Skylon line which is often used to pull the first rope of a cableway.
With the aerial shots a 3D model was calculated.
Aerial shots of the landslide were taken for photogrammetry.
With a thermal camera Optris 450 PI a high-voltage system was inspected.
In preparation for a meeting with an energy supplier a high-voltage pylon was inspected.
Austria, Vorarlberg from above!
DI Martin Buxbaum got a badge of honor.
The biggest photovoltaic system on an airport was filmed.
AustroDrones did in cooperation with Unafilm aireal shots in Sierra Leone.
An imagefilm in cooperation with Davision-Pictures
This drone was designed and licensed especially for areal footage.
have advantages in weight and stiffness
Aerial shots were taken for the movie
Aerial shots of the "Quelltuff Lingenau"
Stuttgart, René Staud Studios
Inspection and documentation
8 kg is the weight of camera and gimbal
First by the authorities authorized operation of a multicopter