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Bolivia, La Paz, 2018-11
Cableway “Linea Plateada”

Bolivia, La Paz, 2018-08
Cableway “Linea Cafe”

Bolivia, La Paz, 2018-04
Cableway “Linea Celeste”

In La Paz the worldwide largest urban system of cableways is being built. A fascinating construction of international dimension.

The “Linea Celeste” was the seventh cableway in La Paz where AustroDrones pulled the first rope.

Thanks to longtime flying experience and the use of a drone, bridges, high-voltage power lines and even an urban cableway could be flown under.

That would be much more difficult with a helicopter!

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Colombia, Bogota, 2018-01

In the capital of Colombia the first rope for an urban cableway was pulled.

In order to get the official permission to fly a drone in Colombia it was necessary to pass a local drone exam.

The exam and weather conditions were very demanding.

Eventually approved flights could be undertaken without any incident.

Bolivia, La Paz, 2017-09
Cableway “Linea Blanca”

The first rope for the last section of the white line was pulled. AustroDrones had done the first section of this line in 2016.

At that time the interest of media was very high. Newspapers and television reported extensively about it. In the meantime the media interest decreased but the technology of the drones did develop further.

Compared to back then the work can be done at a faster pace and challenging boundary conditions can be dealt with more easily.

(Image source: Página Siete)

Bolivia, La Paz, 2017-05
Cableway “Linea Naranja”

For further cableways AustroDrones went to Bolivia again.

Bolivia, La Paz, 2016

At 4.000 m ASL first ropes were pulled succesfully in the city of La Paz. The drones had been adapted to the high altitude.