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Resistors without a fan

December 2019

A test station with a power resistor with a nominal capacity of 1 500 W was completed. Now the batteries for the drones can be tested for optimal functionality.

A percentage of the bought batteries are not quite as good as specified by the manufacturer.

Charging case by AustroDrones with reliable iCharger 4010 – discharging with resistorbank

The test station simulates the use of a battery during flight and prints out a diagramm as shown below.

For example the 6s batteries for the 25 kg heavy drone “Matador” are discharged with averagely 34 A during a flight. The testing in the laboratory is simulated accordingly.

The station could operate up to 60 A discharge current.

The diagramm shows the process of discharging.

As expected large-sized differences between reality and manufacturer information could be detected.

The measurement device will be usefull to provide even more enduring drones in the future.