The Leafold-2 has a maximum take-off weight of 5 kg. The drone is designed with redundance. The drone has the license to fly in Austria over densely populated areas.
Two flight controls “DJI N3” are built in. The Leafold-2 has adapters for the gimbals DJI Z3/X3/X5/X5R, XT and Z30. If desired other payloads can be mounted too.
The flight time is > 15 minutes.

To operate the Leafold-2 the remote control “DJI Lightbridge 2” can be used.

The take off weight of the drone including batteries and X5R gimbal is 3.890 g.
Like this an additional 1,1 kg can be mounted until reaching the limit of 5.000 g.

In this picture a Zenmuse X5R gimbal for highest picture quality is mounted.

The box for transport allows to comfortably transport and store away the complete drone with remote control.
The box is equipped with grasps to handle it and a hinged lid. Its measurements are width x height x depth: 60 x 50 x 40 cm.