The Quadro is in development. It can be licensed to fly in Austria according to LBTH 67 for the weight class 900 g – 4000 g which will be valid starting 2021.

With its freely programmable flight control it is very suitable for research projects. The focus of the drone is on optimized propulsion units and minimal weight of the supporting structure.


Technical Details

4,0 kg

Flight Control

up to 1500 g

Maximal Flight Time
over 40 minutes

Landing Gear
optionally electrically retractable or rigid and for transport removable

in a transport box

Payloads and Expansions for the Flight Control

Any payload like cameras, special sensors, et cetera can be mounted. For the connection to the drone standardised products are used.
For additional expansions for the flight control there is designated space in the central unit of the drone.