The Skylon-3 is made for heavy payloads up to 8 kg.
It is licensed to fly in Austria according to LBTH 67 in category A, B and C. For category D, where only licenses for one day can be received, it is also suitable.

Technical Details

22,0 kg

Payload with batteries
13,6 kg

5,6 kg

Payload without batteries
8,0 kg

Flight Time
15 Minuten

The rotors can be taken off.
The arms can be folded in.

Route of Flight
Done by the pilot or
autonomical flight to various programed GPS points.

Mountable Payloads, examplary

  • Pulling the first rope for the construction of cable ways
  • Tricho Dropper for agriculture
  • Ronin + Arri Alexa Mini
  • MöVI M15 + Arri Alexa Mini
  • Ronin-M + GH4
  • MöVI M5 + Sony Alpha 7S
  • Zenmuse + Sony Alpha 7R
  • Zenmuse + Black Magic BMPCC

Other Payloads

Any payload up to 8 kg can be mounted. For the connection to the drone standardised products are used if possible or they are manufactured in-house individually.